Look at this one.

Shouldn't you be helping her?

He is very learned.

I don't know what that's all about.

I could hear the voices of several other guests who had arrived and were already eating together in the main dinning room.

When he begins to do anything, he devotes himself to it.

He came here to help me.

She looked furious.

The student, who failed in a test in English, was inspired by his friend's words.

I almost called them.

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They'll believe anything.

Do what you like.

He argued his daughter out of marrying Susanne.

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A penguin is a bird that cannot fly.


We brought off the task.

She wanted him to live with her in Arkhangelsk.

Can I eat this bread?

I have a lot of learning to do.

For example, we can say "obei al la patro" and "obei la patron" (instead of "obei je la patro").

Let's go get something to eat.

They had to endure a hard life.

You have to let me talk to him.

Ben and Niels stayed married even though they didn't like each other.


Lojban is alive only because problems in it continue to exist.

You're here right now.

Roy likes things the way they are.


We lead a very ordinary life.

I thought only Japanese were workaholics.

I reassured him that I would not be late.

I'm terrible at tennis.

Marguerite came up with various ideas on how to make his business more successful.

How does he go to school?

How are Bertrand and Norman?

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Her family had a history of genetic diseases that dated back several centuries.

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I know Max is worried.

We have a lot of snow in February.

I've had enough.

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Jack was too lazy to give them a call, so they decided to walk without him.

We work in a factory.

We have to stop the bleeding.


I like being with her.

It's raining today; so where is my umbrella?

We should give Rudolph a chance to finish the report.

We will implement a reconsidered North-South cooperation mechanism.

Juanito has four sisters.

We believed that the news is true.

What did you learn at school today?

We've taken precautions.

He has much more money than I have.

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It makes me sick to listen to you.

It's a fact of life.

My family have lived here for twenty years.

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He gets on my last nerve.

Are you going to eat those fries?

They had become officers.

Boyce asked Mitchell to clean his office.

Sekar is very unscrupulous.

I lost track of all time during our walk in the woods.

First of all, we have to finish the homework.

These paintings are beautiful.

I'd like to try and change the way we've been doing things around here.

The train station is abandoned.

Will that ever change?

I thought you'd be interested to know that Juan found a job.

He doesn't understand English.

Why did you tell Adam Bradford didn't like him?

He runs a company in Meguro.

This is the first time I've smoked.

Ladies and gentlemen, due to an accident at the airport, our arrival will be delayed.

I'm just trying to find him.

That took real courage.

Should I include them?

We'll be sure to look into it.


Brenda and Mott said that they were leaving.

I don't remember where I bought it.

The lights in the kitchen burned all night.


I didn't know Syd and you used to work with Ping.

The other leaned against a tree hard by.

Can't I come in?

Maybe Matthias would like that.

Let's talk later.

Niels has a nice camera.

He helped poor people all his life.


Mind over matter.

Why should I stop him?

I can't understand your organization.

Will you listen to me for a minute?

I'd like to live in Boston.

The car cut to the left.

Now, now, eat quickly, you have to go to kindergarten.

Do you have a Youtube channel?

Thus the brothers were married: the oldest to a young boyarishnia, a nobleman's child; the second to the merchant's beautiful daughter, and the youngest, Tsarevitch Ivan, to a croaking frog.


Granville said he regretted not following Jisheng's advice.

I think Hugh didn't trust me.

The moment they saw me, they waved.

The grand jury decided not to indict the police officer.

Could we get out of here?

It took her two hours to get ready.

I wouldn't tell Bret anything if I were you.

Really, I don't look at it that way.

She was weary with age.

What is philosophy?

The economy was in miserable condition.


They all started laughing at Judge.


What did you ask them?

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We can hardly wait for the party on Friday.

We have rented a cabin by the lake.

The cat is eating the mouse.


What's your explanation?

Mongo is starting to relax a little.

Would you please call me up at five o'clock?

Mechael does look a lot like John, doesn't he?

I ran as fast as I could.

Edward Jackson spoke to the teachers at our school.

Take whatever cake you want.

Why have you visited us today?

At any rate, do you think you'll be free tomorrow or the day after tomorrow?

The army is continuing its antiterrorist operation.

She was beaming with delight.

Dan threatened Linda with exposure.

She shook hands with him.


Keep away from that.

Africa is home.

He lay on the bed.

Ian asked Gregge if he could borrow her bicycle.

Walking is the best exercise.


The summit of the mountain is covered with snow.

With one blow of the axe, he killed the calf, and with the second split its brain.

I strongly suggest you ignore Marilyn.

What're we doing tonight?

Look at your hands.

It's even very cold in May.

Everyone in the room seemed to agree.

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They would pay back the loans when they sold their crops.

We're dying from conformity.

He said that he would be back soon.

We know what it feels like.

Father, I wish to confess.

If we miss the train, we'll go by bus.

She wasn't expecting such a surprise.

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I'm tired of waiting for things to happen.

We used to work for them.

I have to give her a chance.

This looks fantastic.

He worked hard, year in, year out.

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The best lecture that you can attend is the one you won't understand.

I've been to Boston several times.

So is that not right?

Did you know that you were wearing odd socks?

I'm sorry this took so long.

Socorrito knows how to fly a helicopter.

You've always underestimated Alastair.


Such a thing never passed through my head!


I'm not the problem.


You're still wearing the ring Liyuan gave you.

Dad, a UFO! It's a UFO!

I went climbing in the Alps.

There's no point doing that.

Maybe I should talk to him.


I won't defend Jane.

What's your number?

I'd like to go shopping.

He broke with his partners.

Who should go first?

We need to find out how many people are planning to go with us.

Why didn't you tell me that belonged to Sjaak?

If I'd been able to speak French then, I wouldn't have gotten into trouble.

He finished his beer.


He took the public by surprise.

We had a great time last night.

I bought that last year.